Earlier this week, Jess Cassidy and Aaron De La Torre from the ASU met with Wes Young from Kentish and Latrobe Councils.

In the meeting, we tried to resolve outstanding issues about the workforce survey.

Parts of this discussion were positive – Council asked the ASU to provide suggestions on organisations that could conduct the survey. This will give us some confidence in the survey provider’s neutrality.

We understand Wes has emailed staff advising of Council’s whistleblower policy and reminding staff that it is illegal to victimise a whistleblower.

To be clear, making complaints about bullying and victimisation would qualify you as a whistleblower. Wes gave his personal assurance that any employee who makes a complaint would be protected from any adverse action. We will hold him to this promise!

The ASU is by your side and ready to act on any complaints you are willing to share with us. We are here to support you to compile any complaints and to represent you through the entire process, whether you choose an internal or external process.

The union would protect employees who make either internal or external complaints through adverse action protections available under the Fair Work Act, where unfavourable treatment as a result of making a complaint could result in compensation payments to individuals.

If you want to discuss your experiences at either Kentish or Latrobe Council, now would be the best time. We are here – By Your Side.

For more information please contact
Aaron De La Torre | adelatorre@asuvictas.com.au | 0427 813 821

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