I would like to introduce myself, I’m Matthew Steen your new campaign organiser for the mighty ASU. I have held various roles within the SACS sector for many years prior to joining the ASU.

This email is to encourage all staff at Junction Support Services to support the SAVE EQUAL PAY campaign.

Due to the current climate I am unable to meet you all in person which would have been preferable.

Equal Pay background:

  • In 2012 ASU members won 23% to 45% pay rises to Award rates
  • The Fair Work Commission ordered that Equal Pay increases be phased in over eight years, 2020 being the final year.
  • These increases were won because of a long campaign by ASU members, in Wodonga we marched on Bill Tilley’s office, presented petitions and got media attention.


Why we need to Save Equal Pay:

  • When ASU members won Equal Pay, governments set aside funds for our new higher rates of pay.
  • the federal government has not budgeted to maintain funding at this level into the future.
  • This puts over 100,000 jobs and countless services at risk in the sector.
  • The federal budget is in October, so we must act now.
  • COVID-19 has shown that we need more investment in essential community services.


This puts organisations in a tough place with $550 million being removed from the sector pressure will be on to cut costs. We are demanding the Federal Government immediately commit to funding beyond December 2020 to protect jobs and services across the country.


What can you do?

In unity

Matthew Steen
msteen@asuvictas.com.au| 0476 550 233

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