For the last three weeks, the ASU along with other Australian unions have been campaigning relentlessly for a wage subsidy for workers to ensure members jobs are protected through the global pandemic.

The Federal Parliament has now passed legislation and created the JobKeeper wage stimulus package.

This package is not perfect, there are still many workers who are not eligible to receive the payment and the Australian union movement will continue to campaign until all workers receive the financial assistance they require.

You can find out more about the JobKeeper scheme in this ASU fact sheet.

Both state and federal governments have announced they will not be cutting funding to community sector agencies and indeed will be flexible about cost-shifting within programs and KPIs during the COVID-19 pandemic. For this reason, the ASU does not believe that community sector agencies should be standing staff down.

However, registered charities are eligible to apply for JobKeeper if they estimate their turnover has fallen or is likely to fall by 15% or more relative to a comparable period.

If your employer has announced that they are standing you or your colleagues down please get in touch with your ASU delegate, Organiser or the ASU contact centre at

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