My background is in communications, journalism, politics, arts, and feminist, not-for-profit work. I became inTouch’s delegate to ensure the interests of our workers are represented at EA negotiations and to increase union membership after a period of decline. We’ve tripled our membership in the last four months!

I think it’s important to have a robust union culture at inTouch. Working in family violence is a tough job and we need to support each other and have the backing of a strong union to create and maintain a fair and positive environment, providing better outcomes to people seeking our services- often in the worst moments of their lives. I hope that me and my co-delegate, Shannon Li, can achieve this.

My colleagues are from 20 countries and most speak multiple languages. We all have different experiences with unions and workplace relations, which has been interesting for me. I think a lot about creating a working environment where cultural diversity isn’t just a self-congratulatory, buzzwordy phrase that we put in Annual Reports and grant applications, but something that has a real and meaningful presence in how we care for and celebrate our workers.

I’m inspired and in awe of my colleagues’ drive, passion, personal experiences and deep well of compassion for each other and their communities. I’m honoured to continue the work of the delegates that came before me, throughout inTouch’s 39-year history.

I’m also inspired by people supporting their communities through mutual aid (Food Angels, Dreamtime Aroha, Feeding 4101), punk shows providing NARCAN demonstrations and harm reduction support, Sam Wallman’s art, Scarlet Alliance and Ugly Mugs and those tackling the monumental task of unionising Starbucks and Amazon in the US. Solidarity forever, baby!

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