This week the ASU concluded a round of meetings seeking members views on Councils latest position (ASU LOG  AND MANGEMENT LOG) You can clearly see the sea of RED/DISAGREE and the minimal movement on conditions!

Members aren’t happy council has failed to increase their wages offer despite a NO VOTE and regular meetings where the ASU has fedback members’ views.

Wages offer still stands at-

1st year 1% no backpay, 2nd year 1.5%, 3rd and 4th year Rate cap amount

Important information-

Last pay rise July 2019
Rate cap 2020 was 2% – you saw none of that
Rate cap 2021 1.5%

We are pleased to report the overwhelming majority of members were supportive of participating in industrial action for a fair deal.

Not all members were able to attend these meetings, so we have put together a survey to obtain your feedback, update member details (postal address is very important for ballot purposes) and suggestions of types of actions!

At the last meeting on 17 March the ASU informed Council that we’re looking at proceeding with industrial action. Council requested the ASU formal counter claim to their offer, and we advised our previous position, as at our first round of meetings:

  1. Wages were too low (especially the first year of a 1% increase)
  2. Backpay – in recognition of your hard work and dedication over the last 12 months ( your last pay rise was July 2019)
  3. The length of the EA (4 years) was too long with the minimal improvements to conditions and wages.

The survey results will help formulate our latest response, so please participate!

It’s up to us all to spread the word. Talk to your co-workers about this offer and encourage non-members to get on board.

Industrial action is more effective with more members AND importantly you are only protected to participate if you are an ASU Member.

You can join the ASU here !

If you have any questions regarding this newsletter please contact one of your ASU delegates or organiser Lorraine on  

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