As you are aware, following a period of bargaining meetings, Aurora Energy has put your proposed new enterprise agreement out for your vote.

Some new benefits provided in your Agreement are:

  • Wage increase of 3.1% each year for 3 years
  • Legislated increases to Superannuation will not be absorbed into the TEC for Middle Management
  • Union training for Delegates permitted to be undertaken by a Union

Negotiated Benefits that sit outside of EA guaranteed by the business for the next 3yrs only:

  • Electricity Discount available for all EA employees
  • Following a period of paid parental leave, payment of super contributions up to $1,000 for employees on a period of unpaid parental leave

However, reductions in your entitlements include:

  • Notice period in relation to a redundancy situation has been reduced from 3 months to 8 weeks
  • Notice period for Total Incapacity (in relation to sick leave) has been reduced from 3 months to the period of notice specified in employment contract
  • Changes to the redundancy clause such as removing Aurora Energy seeking voluntary redundancies or arranging job swaps
  • The consultation clause has been weakened requiring that the Business only consults once it has made a “definite” decision, rather than consulting with you when they are considering introducing change (a “preliminary” decision). This removes your ability to have proper input which could influence the outcome.
  • The requirement to return to the workplace, following parental leave, for a period of 4 months prior to being allowed to access another period of parental leave.

The ASU recommends you carefully check the agreement, and each of the changes made, by comparing the proposed new wording against the wording in the 2018 Agreement.

Given the alarming rise in the cost of living, with fuel, groceries, rental and now interest rates all rising considerably, we strongly urge you to carefully consider the offer on the table prior to casting your vote.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Karen Tantari | 0472 512 484 |

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