Throughout the recent EBA negotiations, the ASU has been by your side, representing your interests at the bargaining table. We have an offer from Central Goldfields Shire Council that improves your pay and conditions. This offer is for a three-year agreement.

Here is the pay offer broken down by salary band and year of the agreement:

You can download the table of the pay offer here.

There are improvements to your conditions as well, such as:

  • Home Carers get a better allowance of $15 for using your own devices for rosters, maximum of five hours of housework on a day and guaranteed minimum hours
  • Everyone gets improved emergency leave and the chance to save more money in Superannuation
  • We have protected your hours of work, redundancy and job security. This offer ensures that permanent positions are hired directly by the Shire and not outsourced to an agency

What’s Next?

It’s now time for you to vote on whether to accept or reject this offer.

If the majority of workers vote for the offer, then the pay increase will be paid as of 6th November.

ASU Delegates and Organiser will meet in December to review the enterprise agreement.

Next year we will meet with the CEO at the Consultative Committee, and your ASU representatives will be at the table to represent you and make sure the improved conditions we have negotiated into your enterprise agreement are followed.

For further information please contact
ASU Organiser Cindy O’Connor | | 1300 855 570

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