The ASU is going to the Fair Work Commission to stand up for you the workforce that is delivering services to the community. The work you are doing is keeping the local community safe and supported throughout this pandemic. This work ought to be recognised and you deserve a fair go.

Cardinia Shire has an obligation under the Fair Work Act to bargain in good faith.  We have a log of claims that you all had a say in. These claims are about hours of work, banding and ADOs. Money is only one claim. ASU and the Nurses Union (ANMF) are standing together to say lets keep talking about how to improve working life at the Shire.

Cardinia Shire made an offer and then withdrew it 48 hours later. We were then told that nothing could be done until December. This isn’t fair.  Many of you are loyal, long term workers who have given your all to this community.  Your union believes that we can keep having meaningful negotiations and we are asking Deputy President Gostencnik of Fair Work to help this happen.

Cardinia Shire has money. Your rates are increasing by 2%. We think that your wages ought to increase by at least this much and be back paid to 30th June 2020 when the current Agreement was due to be replaced.

Cardinia Shire has a surplus. Your hard work has produced a $92 Million surplus.

We will be available to speak with members about this before we go to the Commission. Your Organiser Cindy will be on Skype Tuesday 11th August at 2pm. If you would like to ask questions or make comments that we can use in our submission to the Fair Work conference then “drop in” to Skype between 2 -2:45pm on

For more information please contact
ASU Organiser Cindy O’Connor | 0417 55 11 24 |

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