All ASU members should have had a chance to read management’s latest EBA offer. This “final offer” is not agreed to by the ASU as it does not meet the standards ASU members unanimously voted for.

It’s almost time to send a message to Council and vote NO to this offer!

We achieved some improvements, but the pay increase is still not good enough and management still want to water down our mental health clause. These issues are too important to accept second best!

Next week all ASU members need to vote NO to this ‘first offer’!

It is also critical to talk to other staff in your area today and ask them to vote NO to this substandard offer.

Every staff member gets a vote, not just members of the ASU, so talk to a non-member about supporting the ASU position and sending management back to the bargaining table to improve their offer.

You wouldn’t accept the first offer when buying a car or a house, why would you accept the first offer for your pay rise?

Together we are stronger. Ask a co-worker to join the ASU at:

For further information please contact one of your ASU delegates: Andrea Court, Geoff Aitken, Nicole Guns, Mick Jakins, Tristan Hennessy, or contact
ASU Organiser Colin Houghton | 0475 553 996 |

Join the ASU today

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