It’s a busy time at Parks Victoria, and your Union is involved in a number of issues. Organiser Matt Price and Tony White spoke at the all staff briefing on Wednesday and addressed these matters, but for those who missed it, here’s a summary of what’s going on:


P&C will be releasing a staff bulletin updating on issues associated.

  1. DELWP are the lead responsible agency for the 4% extra operational fire contributions – and they have not yet explained to PV how it was conceived nor how it will be applied.
  2. Ernst & Young appointed to trawl time sheets both electronically back to 2008, and the 300 boxes of hard copy documents prior and apply ATO parameters to 52 pay classes to determine whom may be implicated in the 16 year coding error debacle. Primarily related to those rostered to work public holidays during this time. Those impacted will receive a letter explaining the calculations, the ATO requires compounded interest be applied at 10% per annum. So given the GFC occurred during this time people should have a reasonable outcome. This is not expected to be completed until late November.


The following procedures are currently being reviewed and revised:

  1. Probationary Procedure
  2. Compliance Procedure
  3. Uniform Procedure
  4. PPE Procedure
  5. OHS Committee Procedure
  6. Safeguarding Children Policy


Weekend Rangers
Whilst an increase in operational staff will be welcomed, the current recruitment of 100 weekend only ranger staff is cause for concern.  The process will likely be disputed in the Fair Work Commission, with the Unions  contesting non-consultation and adverse implications at the expense of the existing workforce.


Credit Cards
PV commenced the changes to credit card review that was promised when they reduced the number of credit cards. A survey will be sent to all staff and some individuals will be interviewed by the auditors.


15 new advanced authorised officers have been identified for training. Training for authorised officers was queried and they have committed to coming back to us at the next meeting with a decision as to whether Field Services Staff can be included.


OHS Committee
PV management originally declined a request for union representation to sit on the state wide OHS executive committee.  Consistency with article 79, and as per clauses 79.10 and 79.21 of the PV 2016 EBA questions were asked about why this was refused. On Wednesday, PV advised that they had changed their position, and Unions will now be included.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact ASU Organiser Matt Price via or ASU Organiser Tony White via

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