This year, ASU members at over 30 different organisations in Tasmania have had the ASU bargaining for new enterprise agreements on their behalf.

We’ve been working hard all year to ensure our members get great outcomes in their enterprise agreements; and members are winning big.

Research shows that union members on average receive higher salaries than those who are not union members. This is as a result of members banding together and fighting for better deals. This year we have run more no votes and protected action than we have in a long time, and the results are clear.

In a year that has seen wage freezes across many organisations, and low wage growth interstate, we are seeing an average of 2.5% wage increases across the enterprise agreements which have been finalised this year. This compares to employer offers which have started as low as 1.3%.

We’ve seen increases to superannuation, family and domestic violence leave, paid pandemic leave, conversion clauses being inserted to provide job security, allowance increases, and much more.

It really does pay to stand together with your colleagues. Have them join YOUR union.

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