You’re invited to join the ASU’s new participant driven climate action network! It’s designed to link together union members, those eligible to join ASU, climate activists, organisers and experts to take action on climate in the workplace.

Participants will be able to share ideas and collaborate on initiatives across ASU industries including Social & Community Services and Local Government & Energy. The ASU will be here to resource and guide participants through initiatives that are important to them such as climate clauses in enterprise bargaining, workplace climate committees, how to climate proof your workplace, community events or OH&S training.

You are receiving this invitation because the ASU has registered your interest in climate change either through one of our surveys, contact with organisers, or through participants already within the network.

To become a network member simply enter your details here.

You can also join our Facebook group here.

Don’t forget to follow the ASU on Facebook and on Twitter for more updates.

If you know someone interested in being an ASU member they can join here

Climate change is a workplace issue, and it needs a union response.

For further information please contact ASU Organiser Will Wyatt on 0418 320 625 or

Yours sincerely,

Lisa Darmanin
Branch Secretary

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