At a recent delegates training course creative recruiting strategies were explored. A task was set for delegates to recruit the person next to them. The potential recruit to the union presented all the negative responses we’ve all heard before.

Some of the strategies to mitigate the negative responses were really innovative. One strategy in particular really struck home.

When the delegate was confronted with “I know all about the Union and what it does. I can look after myself and don’t need the Union” the delegate changed tack and asked about their family. How many children did she have? What were their ages?

The prospective recruit had an 18 year old child looking to enter the workforce soon. So the delegate asked if she would want her children to have secure work? How would the current broken rules impact on her children? How would they be able to apply for a loan to buy a car, a house etc?

The conversation shifted to a discussion about the union movement’s fight for the rights we took for granted when we entered the workforce. It opened up the discussion to the cuts to penalty rates, insecure work and workplace health and safety concerns.

All in all, the delegate presented a very compelling case for joining the Union. We think it would have worked!

We are very lucky at the ASU to have such positive, proactive and passionate delegates!

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