The ASU is excited to announce that Matt Steen recently joined the SACS team as a campaign organiser in a delegate development role. But Matt is no newbie to the ASU!

Until recently, Matt was an ASU delegate supporting members at ermha365.

Matt stepped up as delegate in response to what he saw as unfair treatment of workers there and across the sector more generally. Matt knew that to win better remuneration and worker safety, he would need to take an organised approach.

Matt set out mapping his workplace, supporting staff to join the union, identifying potential delegates and mentoring them to get active in their work area. Matt’s legacy at ermha365 is a large group of active delegates and members – about 100 members stronger – to carry on striving for better working conditions for union members.

Matt had done a fantastic job in just over 12 months and left his workplace in a much better condition than when he first became a delegate.

Matt’s work experience in the social and community services sector began in a refugee centre and spans disability, mental health and residential out of home care. Before working in the community sector, Matt was an active unionist across a range of industries including paint and coatings manufacturing and demolition.

We are looking forward to Matt’s work organising member activists and delegates across the SACS sector!

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