This year we celebrated International Women’s Day with a training session for members on ‘crafting your message’.  It was a great gathering of women from across the ASU spectrum with Local Government, SACS, Water and CFA represented.

We started the day with a discussion about what makes a good speech then joined our sisters and comrades out front of the building for a pop-up rally, complete with flags and megaphone, to hear from ASU leaders about the importance of IWD.

Michelle Jackson, Branch Coordinator, led the way with a stirring statistical reminder of the inequities we face as women in our society.  Lisa Darmanin, Branch Secretary, followed with her personal stories of sexism faced in her many professional roles.  We then heard from Linda White, Assistant Secretary of National ASU and Imogen Sturri, Assistant Secretary of ASU Private.  All four gave heartfelt addresses and urged everyone to join the IWD march and rally that afternoon.  The National office then put on delicious cakes as a means of celebration.

The afternoon session was about honing that message with practice and feedback followed by placard making.  Shrieks of delight coming from the room were testament to having a good time while dealing with the very serious issues of gender inequality.  We rounded off the day with campaign updates then headed over to the IWD rally.  Brandishing witty placards and oodles of courage, along the way we stopped for the groups to deliver their speeches in the public arena.

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