Well done to our top gun ASU depot delegates at the City of Whittlesea Rod Undy and Phil Quaife.

With support from ASU officials, Rod and Phil have been campaigning for nearly two years to get 17 external contractors into positions employment by Council. And they won! 

Rod and Phil said from the start that it was just wrong and immoral that these workers, who have been working alongside them for years and doing the same work, were being paid less with lower entitlements.

With constant persistence from Rod and Phil who kept on raising the matter at all meetings and toolbox meetings, Council management started to come to the party.

Council finally agreed to start the process of converting those contracted workers across to fulltime council jobs.

The ASU and the delegate team made sure that the selection and interview process was fair and transparent and gave workers a voice with Lead Delegate Rod Undy as part of the process on the interview panel.

This was supported by all members at the depot, proving that with constant pressure and unity, ASU members and a strong delegate team can achieve great things for workers.

Most of these workers have been contractors years and all of them have now joined the ASU – cementing the union’s strength at the Whittlesea depot.

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