ASU members have had big wins that are good for workers and good for the fight against Covid-19.

It’s been a tough few months for the ASU delegates at Maribyrnong Council. Management has sacked rather than stand-down 150 casual staff, attempted to push through changes to Accrued Days Off, and refusing to consult about Covid-19.

ASU Members have been frustrated and confused, with management threatening to remove all accrued days off if they are not taken by the end of the financial year.

But the dedication of ASU delegates at Maribyrnong won out.

Delegates pushed management to reverse the decision on ADOs, and commit to consulting on Covid-19 fortnightly until the end of the year.

And after a Covid-19 scare in the depot, one of our delegates worked with management to make sure all workers at risk could get tested and self-isolate for two days.

It’s been a hard fight to get management to listen. Still, things are finally starting to look up for our Maribyrnong Council members.

Since 442 casual workers were stood down at Yarra City Council, delegates have been meeting with management to get as many casual workers redeployed as possible. Our delegate team has been instrumental in identifying redeployment opportunities. More than 100 casuals had been redeployed, significantly more than would have had work if not for ASU delegates.

Along the way, delegates, including two casual delegates, have secured emergency relief for casuals and made sure they would receive staff communications, access to staff meetings and consultation.

In addition to this, delegates made a claim for COVID testing leave for casuals and requested that welfare check calls to casuals.

Yarra saw the wisdom of the COVID testing leave for casuals when services were starting to reopen, recognising that workers without sick leave and no job security needed to be able to access paid leave.

Welfare checks were considered such a good idea that they were extended beyond casuals.

ASU delegates make a difference to workers at every workplace, and at Yarra and Maribyrnong their work has been outstanding as they stood by members’ side.

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