The COVID-19 pandemic showed Victorians how vital the work you do every day is.  It has also highlighted just how insecure the employment practices are within the community services.  Fixed-term employment linked to funding cycles now dominates many parts of the community services sector.

You deserve better than this, particularly following your heroic efforts during the height of the pandemic.

Insecure work leads to community sector workers moving unnecessarily around the sector looking for relative job security, makes it harder for you to get a loan from a bank and makes it harder to attract and retain great staff to this vital sector.

Your union, the ASU, is looking to advocate to the state government to help to fix this problem and we are keen to hear from you about your stories of insecure work within the community services sector.

Please email and let us know things like, how many fixed-term contracts have you had, how long have you worked in the sector and what impacts have you feel as a result of having insecure work.  Please note that we may use these submissions in a deidentified way for lobbying, media and reports related to our advocacy work.

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