About Infrastructure

Infrastructure is a collective of the following industries:

  • Information Techhnology
  • Transport
  • Shipping & Travel
  • Airlines (Tas only)
  • Clerical & Administration (Tas only)

Information Technology

The ASU covers a range of workers employed in IT. From IT professionals to system analysts and digitised equipment maintenance workers chances are that they are eligible for membership of the ASU. Typically the ASU’s IT members are found in employers such as Fuji and Xerox, Canon and IBM through to employees in small two-person operations.


Workers eligible to join the ASU in the transport industry include employees working in administration, professional, managerial, operational or supervisory functions and those who provide technical advice or work in customer relations. One source of Victorian membership is VicRoads, while Service Tasmania employees are also eligible to join the ASU. Here ASU members work in positions such as registration and licensing testers, community liaison officers, analysts and information technological support, assets officers, programme delivery officers, payroll/accounts officers, signals installation and maintenance and traffic safety officers.

The ASU also represents staff working in the privatised transport operations. ASU members work in positions such as booking/reservation clerks, train and fleet controllers, station maters and maintenance fleet control.

Shipping and Travel

The majority of employees working in the travel or shipping industries in clerical, administrative, marketing, sales or management roles are eligible to join the ASU. In the shipping industry, the ASU covers workers in all positions except those on the waterfront. In travel employees who are travel consultants and supervisors are eligible to join as are those engaged in wholesale, retail, inbound and outbound roles. Chances are if someone is working in the travel or shipping industries in a clerical, administrative, marketing, sales or management role they’re eligible to join the ASU.


The ASU is the biggest Australian union covering airline industry workers. Our Branch of the ASU covers Tasmanian members who work for Qantas, Jetstar, Virgin Blue, Regional Express, Eastern Australia Airlines, Sunstate Airlines, Singapore Airlines, United Airlines, Malaysia Airlines and other overseas airlines, as well as contractors in the industry like Menzies Aviation Services or airfreight companies like Australian Air Express.

People in the union work in:

  • customer service
  • finance and administration
  • check in
  • reservations
  • freight
  • management
  • maintenance, engineering, stores, catering

The ASU has enterprise agreements or awards with nearly every carrier flying in or into Australia. Most of these agreements are negotiated nationally however we have experienced officials who represent our members in Victoria and Tasmania.

The airline industry in Australia, and throughout the world, is undergoing massive change. No one can take their job for granted. For employees it increases the need for united representation. The only way forward is together.

International Links - Airline Alliances

The ASU is an active member of the Civil Aviation Section of the International Transport Federation (ITF). The ASU regularly sends delegates to ITF meetings - this year ASU delegates have attended conferences for unions with members in the Oneworld and STAR alliances. This international network has placed us in a position to gain information and strategic advantage in this global industry.

Clerical and Administration

Employees engaged in white-collar office and customer service worker in private industry are eligible to join the ASU. Just about anyone doing "office work" in the private sector is eligible to join. Our members are call-centre agents, customer service reps, administrators, clerks, social workers among other roles and responsibilities.

Please note that only Tasmanian based private sector workers are eligible to join the ASU Victorian and Tasmanian Authorities and Services branch.