About Energy

The Australian Services Union is Australia's largest Union in the energy/electricity industry.

Today across Tasmania and Victoria there are over 40 major employers in the industry. ASU members work with every employer and we have negotiated enterprise agreements with each of them.

In Victoria the future brings sales and re-sales of privatised companies, national electricity markets, full retail contestability and the growing call centre industry. The Future is no different in Tasmania where it looks as if government is eventually going to go down the same privatisation path.

Whatever the energy system the ASU will be there defending and enhancing the living standards of members and their families.

ASU members work as:
• clerical and administrative staff
• meter readers - field and office
• electricity supply operators
• pole inspectors
• technical officers
• power station operators
• supervisors
• chemical technicians
• scientists
• vegetation management officers
• managers
• call centre workers
• engineers
• retail workers
• network technical staff
• para-professionals and professionals

ASU members work in thermal power stations, isolated hydro stations, next generation facilities, electricity transmission systems and the multi-layered distribution/retail industry.

Whatever the award, enterprise agreement or other document that outlines your conditions of employment, superannuation, wages and salaries, occupational health and safety and more, Australia's largest energy Union, the ASU, has been part of the negotiations to establish your benefits, both now and in the past.

The ASU has 6 offices across Tasmania and Victoria, which includes local representation and delegates, backed up by full-time officials of the Union. This has allowed us to represent members and gain significant benefits. The changes taking place within the Australian energy industry are a reflection of worldwide trends, international ideas, international companies, and the global economy.

No matter where you work in Tasmania or Victoria or the issues you face, we are not far away and have the expertise to understand and deal with your energy industry.


Latest Energy News

Written on 06/09/2018, 14:48
Negotiations for a new enterprise agreement  are currently underway at Jemena, with Jemena indicating a preference to roll over the current agreement. Meanwhile negotiations for an agreement covering Testers at Zinfra are ongoing and...
Written on 02/04/2017, 14:34
This weekend sees the closure of the Hazelwood Power Station. Unit one was the first to come online in November of 1964 and was the final one to shut down closing almost 53 years of generation that provided up to 25 per cent of Victoria’s electricity...
Written on 22/03/2017, 13:04
The Hydro Tasmania Enterprise Agreement is due to expire on 31 July 2017, which means that it's time to think about what you want from your next Agreement.  Keep a lookout for a Notice of Representational Rights which Hydro should issue...
Written on 24/01/2017, 13:37
The Fair Work Commission has issued a decision to terminate the AGL Loy Yang A enterprise agreement.  The termination takes effect from 30 January 2017. The existing agreement’s nominal expiry date is 31 December 2015.  Agreements that have...
Written on 16/01/2017, 13:33
Earthworker Co-operative is a community-led initiative working to provide local, sustainable, wealth-creating jobs that will contribute to a healthy planet and a safe climate. The Australian Services Union has been a long-time supporter considering its...