ASU members at Lunch Housing, a large and growing housing and homelessness service are on the brink of taking industrial action

This week the results of a ballot of ASU members came in, and they voted overwhelmingly to take protected industrial action.

This is a big step in any industry and even more so in the community sector, where workers work with often vulnerable clients to make a positive difference in their lives.

But this is just another step for ASU members at Launch Housing, led by savvy and dedicated ASU delegates, to increase pressure on the organisation and CEO to meet their legitimate demands.

Their efforts are already bearing fruit, with Launch Housing recently conceding on a number f the ASU members’ claims, including increasing the sleepover.

The demands of workers at Launch housing are entirely reasonable and include pay rates above the absolute legal minimum, casuals progressing pay bands after 12 months of service; consulting staff before major change; and changes to the use of fixed-term contracts.

Given the concessions they have rung from Launch Housing so far, we are confident that ASU members will get a better deal as they move to the next step in their campaign for a fair deal

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