ASU members at Moreland City Council have been taking industrial action for weeks.

And even before their strike last week, their determination to get a fair pay rise and better conditions at work had pushed management to improve it’s wage offer.

Over the last 12 months, the cost of living has risen by over 5 per cent, and Moreland management’s improved 2% wage offer for the 21/22 financial year is still well below the rise in the cost of living. This 2% wage offer would be a significant real wage cut for Moreland workers.

A wage rise that is so far below increases in the cost of living would have the biggest impact on the lowest-paid workers at Moreland City Council.

ASU members who clean Moreland’s streets, work in libraries, waste management, in-home aged care, street cleaning, customer service, local laws, and so many other essential services are saying the current wage offer is not good enough.

ASU members have received strong support from local residents who know the importance of workers getting a fair deal.

You can send your support to striking Moreland workers here

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