The ASU has been in touch with ASU members who work in aged care and with management to learn how councils are managing the service, clients and the health and safety of staff.

Overall, councils have started to implement measures to reduce risk of infection to staff and clients and are following DHHS advice.

This advice includes extra Personal Protective Equipment, training, following good hygiene practices and social distancing.

Other measures and advice from DHHS can be found here:

We understand that the advice from DHHS to protect vulnerable populations may lead to a reduction of services to only essential care.

The ASU is concerned about the impact on member’s  financial security if councils decide to limit or reduce services if no replacement work is provided.

We hope that councils will continue to follow their consultation requirements under agreements with your union to reduce negative impacts and anxiety on our members.

Some councils are working to reduce the impact of a loss of hours including:

  • Completing online training- A 30-minute online training module is now available – How to protect yourself and the people you are caring for from infection with COVID-19. There is high demand for this training so if you are unable to register please check back regularly.
  • Flexibility with extended shopping hours
  • Replacing domestic care work with community respite
  • Delivery of meals
  • Delivery of mail to clients re Covid -19
  • Delivery of toilet paper to clients
  • Ending the use of volunteers
  • Welfare checks of clients who have cancelled service
  • Office work
  • Basic essential pack delivery to clients

The ASU asks delegates to keep the union informed and discuss any concerns you may have about your councils aged care service and how Covid -19 impacts on your service.

The ASU is looking at ways to connect with Home Care delegates over the coming weeks via teleconference or a zoom meeting and we will be calling all Home Care delegates next week.

Stay safe.

For more information please contact
ASU Organiser Hayley Davies |

For urgent industrial advice please contact
Member Contact Centre | 1300 855 370 |

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