Each year the ASU helps hundreds of members in Tasmania with information, advice and assistance. 

Because we are there at every step of our work-life, the ASU is also by your side when it comes to negotiating your pay and conditions at work. 

This year our Tasmanian organisers will be working with members, delegates and bargaining teams to help members across the state get the best deal possible in new enterprise agreements. 

This year alone there will be a negotiation over new enterprise agreements at 16 local government bodies, four agreements at TasWater, Hydro Tasmania, Qantas as well as numerous agreements in the Social and Community Services Sector. 

The ASU is member-owned and member-run, and that has a big impact on how we go about negotiating new enterprise agreements. Members drive the process, and our only interest is to improve the wages and workplace conditions of members. 

Highly skilled ASU organisers work with members at each workplace to develop a log of claims that sets out what ASU members want in the next enterprise agreement. And they are there every step of the way with delegates and the bargaining team negotiating with management. 

So if the enterprise agreement at your workplace is set to be renegotiated, start thinking about the changes that could be made to improve your work-life. 

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