ASU members at South East Water have had an important win as part of the Customer & Community restructure.

Management had originally proposed to ‘spill & fill’ the Customer Billing & Revenue Officer positions.

ASU representatives argued that staff were effectively being forced to reapply for their existing positions.

The total number of positions is also being reduced by two FTE. ASU initiated the disputes process under the SEW Enterprise Agreement, and commenced discussions with management. ASU representatives proposed that redundancies are offered to any staff who wanted to leave, and that the remaining staff would be matched to the new positions.

Late on Monday, South Easter Water management agreed to our proposal.

The means staff will be matched to roles, without having to apply for their current job.

This was only possible because members of our union refused to agree to an unfair process, and their elected delegates advocated strongly on their behalf.

Congratulations to all ASU members at South East Water and thank you to our union delegates who did an outstanding job.

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