ASU delegates and senior leadership met with OTL senior management on Tuesday 28 June, to discuss member concerns in the light of the recent revelations on matters of governance and financial accountability.

The Delegates and ASU organizer Charlie Volpe will be meeting later this week to confirm the outcomes of the meeting and compare them against the minutes (which we are waiting on) to ensure that all parties version of events are verified. A follow-up email will be sent post confirmation of outcomes.

ASU members  have a right to a safe workplace at every level. You also have a right to be fully aware of potential impacts on your ongoing job security.

The ASU is committed to making sure you are in an informed position about your current and working future.

The ASU welcomes feedback from members, please see contact details below. Share this newsletter and invite your colleagues to join by sharing this link

If you require any further Information or wish to provide feedback, please contact ASU Organiser Giancarlo (Chaz) Volpe on 0428 734 459 or

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