An urgent meeting has been called in light of undertakings your employer has made regarding your agreement and to address issues related to employee turnover.

The ASU requests your attendance at a member meeting to be held on;

DATE: Monday 16 December
TIME: 2.30pm
VENUE: NTV (Delegates will inform you all the room allocated)

The purpose of the meeting is;

  1. To have a discussion regarding current workplace culture across NTV and identify factors that are affecting workplace morale, staff wellbeing and sense of job security. The meeting will seek to identify strategies that address these issues and work towards a safe, respectful, and inclusive workplace and culture
  2. Inform members of the status of the new EBA that is yet to be approved by Fair Work. Fair Work has requested a number of enhancements to the EBA which NTV have provided in the form of undertakings (you can view them here). Fair Work also wants to be assured that all employees are aware of the impacts of these undertakings. Fair Work wants an assurance that the Classification structure secured through the EBA and in particular the pay scales are understood by all employees as they were not discussed during the access period before the vote took place (view the pay scales here)

Once the agreement is ratified then the 1% above the stated pay rates will apply and will be backdated to July 1 2019, 12 months after the date the agreement is ratified the 2.5% above the pay rates in place will apply for the next 24 months, and in the last year of the Agreement, this will revert to 2% above.

Fair Work is requiring a response by 4pm Dec 18 to the matters it is seeking assurance on and then given our response will make their determination on approving the Agreement.

Your ASU Delegates:
Matt Addison
Annah Stevens
Amelia Ditcham
Gordon Thompson

If you are not able to attend this meeting please contact: One of your ASU delegates or
ASU Organiser Giancarlo (Chaz) Volpe | 0428 734 459 |

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