ASU members provide the services that the community needs every day and are on the frontline of our country’s response to the Coronavirus crisis.

Both good and bad stories are emerging from local government regarding how management is dealing with the crisis. HSR’s provide a vital role in the workplace. It is imperative that management is consulting with you about any action that they are taking in the workplace.

We are putting together an action plan to support HSR’s and ASU members. Can you please spend a few minutes to complete a short survey?

On Wednesday 1 April at 6:30pm – 7:30pm the ACTU are running a free information session for Health and Safety Representatives, workplace leaders, and activists about the unfolding Coronavirus crisis.

The session will cover the federal government’s stimulus package, work health and safety rights and the implications for working people. You can register here Coronavirus: HSR, Workplace Leader and Activist Briefing

Over this period, we will need to work differently. We have commenced holding our internal meetings using Zoom which is a teleconference platform.  We are proposing to hold future meetings with HSR’s using Zoom. Next week we will be holding a number of Zoom meetings to get your feedback on and input into the ASU action plan. You will be notified of the meeting times in the next couple of days.

You can access Zoom through a smartphone, laptop or desktop computer. The ASU has a Zoom account and it is free for meeting participants to use.

If you are using a smartphone you will need to download the Zoom Cloud Meetings app in advance from your app store.

If you are using a computer, the easiest way to access Zoom is to click on the link when we send it through.  More information is available at

Please forward this on to other HSR’s in your workplace.

If you have any queries please submit them via the form below.

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