Thursday 28 April is International Workers Memorial Day – a day to pay tribute to working people who have died or been injured as a result of work-related accidents and renew the call for safe workplaces.

Every worker has the right to come home safe and well but unfortunately for many workers across Australia, this isn’t the case.

If something does happen to you at work, you should know your rights and entitlements under WorkCover.

How do you know if you have an injury severe enough to make a claim?
If you have incurred medical bills or had time off work, you should lodge a WorkCover Claim to get these expenses paid. And it’s not just physical injuries, as psychological injuries and even any illnesses that have developed, because of your work are covered. We do find that a number of members that reach out to us, think they will not be entitled to make a claim and then end up with significant compensation.

How important is it to seek legal advice if you’re injured?
It’s very important as there is a huge lack of awareness around what you are entitled to if you are injured at work and many people try to manage the claims themselves and then don’t access their full entitlements.

Our specialist lawyers explain how the scheme works and provide individualized advice about what you’re entitled to.  We can guide you through the entire process and be your advocate.

In one member’s case, we were able to secure a settlement that was 7 times the initial offer made by the insurer.

What if you have a pre-existing condition from a previous injury, can you still make a claim?
Absolutely. An injury suffered at work does not have to be a new problem. We see lots of members who have aggravated a pre-existing injury or experienced a reoccurrence of their injury.

In fact, you are still eligible to make a claim if your pre-existing injury did not happen at your current employment.  We do see a lot of members with neck and back injuries that have developed over a number of years, due to the nature of their work.

There are three main claims that you can make:

  1. Basic WorkCover Claim which includes weekly payments to cover your lost wages and medical expenses. Or other support that may be required like home or car modifications or attendant care.
  2. An Impairment benefit where you can get a lump sum payment for a permanent injury.
  3. Or a Common Law claim where the accident or injury was caused by the negligence of someone else, which results in a further lump sum payment.

Making a claim for compensation after a work accident doesn’t need to be overwhelming.

With the right support from Maurice Blackburn, we can guide you through the process to help you get everything you’re entitled to. Our team are experts in work accident injuries and know how to maximise your compensation.

If you or someone you know has been injured at work and needs advice, get in touch with the ASU Relationship Organiser at Maurice Blackburn, Jedd Rothman, on or 0482 166 362.

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