As per the consultation clause within your Hydro Tasmania Enterprise Agreement, we have booked a catch up with Hydro senior management on December 21 as we understand there have been some ongoing concerns about restructures (whether they are called restructures or not) in parts of the business. This meeting is also an opportunity for us to raise other issues on behalf of members that may be of concern to you.

To ensure we are accurately representing your concerns and issues, we are holding a members meeting on:

DATE: Tuesday 18 December
TIME: 12pm
VENUE: Room 1001, Elizabeth Street, Hobart

If you are unable to attend we are also happy to hear your concerns via email, or phone. We understand there are a number of additional staff that may be effected by some of these changes, so feel free to pass this meeting invitation on to others in your team or group that may have concerns.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Karen Tantari | 0472 512 484 |

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