The ASU have emailed and written to Hume City Council requesting paid meetings at all sites to update members on the ASU, ACTU, Victorian Trades Hall Change the Rules Campaign.

Hume City Council has refused ASU members paid meetings. CEO Domenic Isola does not seem to have the common courtesy to reply back to the ASU – maybe he is too busy talking to the bean counters on how to screw over more ASU members’ jobs?

Hume City Council seem to be more interested in finding more underhanded ways of contracting out jobs normally done by ASU members.

Hume City Council is a strong ASU union site – do we want to stay that way?

Are we going to be dictated by Hume City Council on when and where we can meet as ASU members?

ASU Organiser Sean McCourt attended the Consultative Committee meeting last week where he raised matters on vacant positions and the change to the Position Description for the Team Leader in mowing. Hume did no consultation on the changes from the existing position description.  In the new PD a Certificate 3 has jumped to a Certificate 5, and also a Certificate IV in Leadership and Management, this is now for a band 5 Job.

Hume City Council seems to make up the rules when it suits them, and not for the benefit of ASU members.

That’s why ASU members across the state are campaigning to Change the Rules.

Most other Metro and outer Metro Councils have given ASU members paid time to conduct meetings. Hume City Council is one of the only strong ASU sites not to grant this request – maybe they don’t respect ASU members and value you as ASU workers.

Email Domenic Isola and ask him why we can’t have paid meetings?

Put this newsletter on all notice boards and send Domenic a message.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Sean McCourt | 0419 506 178 |

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