The ASU had a mass members meeting last Thursday at Broadmeadows GLC to discuss Council’s revised offer.

The revised pay offer includes:

  • A 4-year agreement, back dated to the expiry date 1 July 21.
  • A 2% salary increase for each year, fixed and not linked to the rate cap, (ASU have requested for some incentive for the fourth year of the EBA)
  • Management has agreed to withdraw all performance criteria and goals as proposed in the EA*
  • There will be backpay to the 1 July 21, in good faith upon approval of the agreement by majority of employees.
  • Agreement to include two further clauses in the agreement in relation to gender equity (as proposed wording by the ASU) and to include a further OHS Clause in relation to inclement weather.
  • Redrafting of some clauses in the outstanding LAWAs matters.

ASU members have voted to accept Hume’s revised offer on the next enterprise agreement.

Well, done and congratulations to all members who were prepared to take stop work action. You all have moved Council to making this improved offer! Unity is our strength!

There are several formal processes before the enterprise agreement is finalised. This will include a formal vote of all employees at Hume City Council to take place in late January.

Well done again to all members! Don’t forget to tell non-members the only reason that they are getting this improved offer is through ASU Union Power. Ask them to join today via

For further information please contact: Your ASU Delegate or
ASU Organiser Sean McCourt | 0419 506 178 |

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