ASU Delegates and Officials had a meeting with Council on Wednesday 10 November to discuss the outcome of the VOTE NO successful campaign to a bad EBA proposal. They presented some results from a recent staff survey which aligned with the rejected EBA VOTE NO campaign results.

Council has agreed to have further EBA meetings to resolve all outstanding bargaining matters (LAWAs) and pay increases with no KPIs in any further offers.

The ASU has received the results of the Protected Industrial Action Ballot from the AEC.

A great turnout of returned ballot papers, with 84% of members voting to take Protected Industrial Action. A big result.

Well done to all delegates and members for another successful campaign. Members again are standing up to Councils bad proposed EBA.

In the last EBA, ASU achieved 2.25% pay increases for each year, 9% over the 4 year EBA, the present proposed offer of 1.5% pay increase for each year, 6% for 4 year EBA, this is an insult to your hard work at Council.

So what has changed? Council is now in a stronger financial position with no debt. They cannot continue to use the pandemic and rate capping as an excuse to cut real wage growth.

Delegates will be meeting this week to discuss this decision from members and what actions that members might wish to take to get an improved offer from Council.

Only ASU members can participate in the Protected Industrial Action. So now is a great time to ask others to join the union via

For further information please contact: Your ASU Delegate or
ASU Organiser Sean McCourt | 0419 506 178 |

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