You can now register for the Section 69 approved 2020 OHS Conference, being held on October 27 2020.

This year, the theme is Risks to Psychosocial Health, and it’s being held entirely online.

The 2020 conference is:

  • Focusing on risks to psychosocial health.
  • Completely free.
  • Section 69 approved.
  • Being held entirely online and open to all Victorian HSRs.
  • On October 27 2020.
  • Open for registration now.

Why Psychosocial Health?
For the past several years running, Work Cover claims for psychological injury have been rising. The ASU is constantly getting questions from HSRs about psychosocial health at their Workplace. What are the risks, how can I identify them, and what can I do about them?

Sometimes Psychosocial Health can feel tougher to understand in the context of a HSR, but HSRs have all the same powers under the OH&S Act  2004 to address Psychosocial hazards in their workplace, and employers have the same duty to address these hazards as they would a physical hazard.

An online experience.
With current restrictions across Victoria due to Covid-19, this year the conference is going to be held entirely online, but rest assured it’s going to be the same great experience.

Once registered VTHC will be mailing out everyone a parcel with everything you’ll need to make the day a success – so make sure you register well in advance so there’s plenty of time for yours to arrive.

Find all the details and register here

The ASU will also be holding a breakout session on the day from 1:45pm – 2:45pm. This session will be around Gendered Violence in the workplace

Please register here for the ASU breakout session:

For further information please contact:
ASU OH&S Officer Mick Vanbeek | 0438 133 363 |

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