As part of the enterprise agreement completed late last year Horsham Rural City Council, have changed the structure of the staff consultative committee (SCC)

The SCC provides a platform for staff and management to review and discuss:

  • Policies and procedures that have a direct impact on staff
  • Working Conditions
  • Effective Communication
  • Staff development
  • Industry Conditions

The overall numbers have increased to eighteen (18) with the breakdown being as follows,

  • 6 Management representatives
  • 6  Combined Union representatives, ASU 4, Nurses 1, Professionals Australia 1
  • 6 Staff representatives, being 2 from each directorate

The organisation felt that staff who weren’t union members may not have been represented fairly in the discussions that took place at SCC meetings and pushed for this change to happen.

Over the next week Council will post some information regarding this in the way of asking for nominations for staff to stand to be on the SCC, they will also inform staff of the names of people who have already nominated for a position on the SCC.

We encourage you to read the information that comes out and if interested in nominating do so by following the instructions that will be part of the information being posted by council.

For further information please contact: one of your delegates
ASU Organiser David Walmsley |

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