As you may be aware, the Enterprise Agreement now allows for direct staff representation, as well as the existing and ongoing union representation.

The purpose of the SCC is to support a consultative and participative approach into the future and has a range of defined functions under the Enterprise Agreement that involves this group for a number of considerations and decisions that impact staff.

As part of the negotiation process, it was highlighted that staff who weren’t union members may not have been equally represented in the discussions that took place at SCC meetings and there was a push for this change to happen.

Horsham Rural City Council has now confirmed that the composition of the SCC will be made up of 6 union representatives (representing ASU, ANMF and Professional Australia members), 6 management representatives and 6 staff representatives (i.e. to represent staff, as appointed by this process). The intended appointment is for a 3-year term.

Given the 3 Directorate structure, HRCC intends to appoint 2 representatives for each area. As part of the agreed way forward which included consideration of the situation with COVID impacting communication opportunities, they are also going to extend the nomination process for an additional period until COB 31 July.

Post this time, if the number of nominees matches the number of vacancies, those employees will be appointed. In instances that there are more nominations than vacant places, we will arrange for a vote within that Directorate.

Corporate Services Infrastructure Community and Place
Cameron Gerlach Keith Emmerson Luke Mitton
Rosemary Lehman Adam Johnstone Cassandra Kelly
Zac Gorman

In respect of existing union representatives, while the number at the table for SCC purposes will be limited to 6 union representatives, this has no impact on the overall number or makeup of overall union representation at HRCC.

Staff may nominate any HRCC employee they wish to represent them, with the exception of the Senior Management team, or the People and Culture team (who already carry functions within the SCC).

Staff who are appointed to participate in the SCC will be afforded a reasonable opportunity to consult and gather feedback on issues that are considered by the SCC, who meet on at least a quarterly basis.

The process to nominate for staff representatives is to the People and Culture team by 31 July. Nominations can be emailed to

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser David Walmsley |

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