ASU organisers intended to hold discussions with members tomorrow, Wednesday 9 June at the depot and Civic Centre.

Due to current restrictions, the meetings are postponed to Wednesday 23 June

Due to a scheduled toolbox meeting, the depot meeting is at a new time.

DATE: Wednesday 23 June
TIME: 8.00am
VENUE: Horsham Depot

DATE: Wednesday 23 June
TIME: 9:30am
VENUE: Horsham Civic Centre, Council Chamber

All council employees are welcome to attend.

Union members know we are stronger and better off when we work together. As we embark upon a major campaign for better funding, secure jobs and fair wage increases, please talk to colleagues about the benefits of ASU membership and encourage them to join the ASU.

For more information please contact:
ASU Organiser Will Wyatt | 0418320625 |

We’re stronger when we stand together.

Join the ASU today.


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