The ASU has made four submissions to the Aged Care Royal Commission into Aged care Quality and Safety. These submissions have argued that high quality and safe care is dependent on a reliable and well-supported workforce, which in turn must be provided with secure work and decent pay and conditions.

Most recently we have finalised submissions on Aged Care System Governance and the COVID response, in which we have argued that privatization of aged care has failed, and led to the increased casualisation of work and decreased capacity to provide quality and control, which is, of course, critical in the pandemic.

Evidence to the Royal Commission supports the ASU’s claim that quality home care is critical to preventing early entry into residential care.

Victorian Federal Members, Ged Kearney, Julian Hill and Josh Burns and the Greens spokesperson on Aged care Rachael Siewert have met with the ASU and heard our concerns about the exclusion of CHSP home carers from the retention us and economic hardship experienced under the pandemic.

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