The ASU has been continuing to campaign locally to apply pressure on Maribyrnong and Hobson Bay council to not proceed with tendering out the Home care services.


It is important to note that there is not one silver bullet in this campaign which will result in council keeping services in house however a combination of different activities which will collectively influence change and our desired outcome. To date ASU officials and members have been;

  • Collecting petitions through door knocking and street stalls within the municipality- over 1400 signatures has been presented to council
  • Attending council meetings to pose question regarding the changes and council decision
  • Engaged with the ALP local candidate
  • Written to ALP branches within both municipalities and put forward 3 asks- for them to pass a resolution to support these services remaining in house with council, to write to councillors and to attend the next council meeting.
  • Written to Councillors and CEO on multiple occasions
  • Megaphone petition
  • Flyer drops


Important dates
Community meeting organised for 10 December 2018 at 6.30pm at Yarraville community centre (59 Frances Street)

  • Hobsons Bay BBQ (TBC)- 11 December at 5pm at Council office
  • Maribyrnong Council meeting- 11 December at 6.30pm
  • Hobsons Bay Council meeting-11 December at 6.30pm


The ASU has heard that there were 8 organisations that put in for tender however we think it is unlikely that there would be many that would meet the tender specifications.


We have also been informed that it is not likely that the Maribyrnong Federal Court interpretation matter is likely to be heard until as late as March.  The AUS has written to the CEO to obtain clarification on council position with proceeding with tender without having this information.


The letter also makes reference to Best Value Principles and how the organisation has adhered to those and misinformation regarding funding extensions.  A copy of the letter is available from ASU delegates.


We anticipate that council will be providing their position in December council meeting; therefore we have up until then to continue to influence their decision.  There is still time!


For further information please contact:
ASU organiser Lorraine Di Pietrantonio |
ASU Organiser Luke Cherry |

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