Congratulations ASU members for committing to stand up and fight back! This is how we start.

ASU members have requested a ballot to take protected industrial action, and the Australian Electoral Commission will be conducting a postal ballot over the next three weeks.

Voting is critical. Every vote is a vote of support to your bargaining reps.

Not voting is a vote for a poor deal.

How it will work:

Friday 18 October Roll of voters closes at 10.00am (Make address changes by CoB today.)
Monday 21 October Ballot opens  – AEC posts ballots to eligible voters
Wednesday 23 – Thursday 24 October ballots will begin to arrive at your home address.
Monday 11 November 10am the ballot will officially close.

Important -vote and post your ballot back as soon as you receive it to account for postal delays.

Send your ballot before 4 November. Vote yes to all items.

When you receive your ballot it will contain a list of bans.

The bans have been carefully selected with all members in mind and we need you to vote yes to all of them, so all members can participate.

Your delegates will be on hand to remind you of the dates that the ballot is due, and answer any questions. If you don’t have a delegate, call ASU Organiser Austin Fabry via the details below.

ASU members and delegates have not taken this action lightly; it comes after months of negotiations with little movement from management at the bargaining table.

Your ASU delegates believe that protected action will be the best way to force management to put forward a better offer.

The more active members there are, the stronger you are to secure a better deal. Forward this to a colleague if you believe they have not yet joined and ask them to join today;

For more information please contact: your ASU delegate or:
ASU Organiser Austin Fabry | 0436 481 684 |
ASU Organiser Luke Cherry (after the 21 Oct) | 0417 472 497

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