It took another trip to the Fair Work Commission but the ASU has finally got a commitment from HBCC management to recommence bargaining for your EBA.

CEO Aaron van Egmond confirmed at the Commission earlier this week that Council will set up a meeting in the final week of June, once the draft budget has been put to the next Council Meeting (to be held on 23 June).

This timeframe will mean Council has a better idea of its financial position and future resulting from the current pandemic and should make for a more productive recommencement of bargaining. To this end Council have also confirmed that a member of the Executive Leadership Team will be in attendance, in response to requests from the ASU.

While we believe there would be value to meeting sooner to discuss other matters, Council was resistant to this, and the timeline proposed doesn’t allow further disputes through the Commission to argue that point, as they would likely not be heard until late June anyway.

We’re pleased that after months of seeking a further meeting we finally have some clarity around bargaining timelines, though there has been no indication from Council at this stage that their offer, which was previously resoundingly rejected by staff, will be much improved.

If you have any questions or comments please contact your local ASU Delegate or Organiser.

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