Yesterday afternoon the ASU lodged a dispute with the Fair Work Commission in relation to the lack of consultation around outsourcing in-home care jobs. The dispute has been listed for 2pm on Thursday 28 Feb.

Staff throughout Hobsons Bay City Council would be aware of the lip-service approach to consultation taken by HBCC. Management did commit that when there was a major change that impacted staff on the agenda of a consultative committee meeting, the Union(s) would be welcome to attend those meetings. However management refused to allow ASU members’ representative, organiser Luke Cherry to attend staff consultative meetings, when changes to in-home care were listed on successive consultative committee meeting agendas.

This has resulted in the disempowerment of staff that now faces being sent to work for an employer they know nothing about and have never applied to work for.  As the ASU has explained staff need to be aware of possible future erosions in their terms and conditions under a new employment relationship.

HBCC CEO Aaron Van Egmond and Director Peter Hunt claim that this move was taken to improve job security and continuity of care to clients. The ASU does not have confidence that it will do wither. We remain alert to the fact that outsourcing usually leads to erosions in employment conditions, service cuts and job losses.  Your unon’s role is to protect, promote and improve the working conditions and entitlements of our members. The ASU is not aware of any reason the ASU cannot continue to represent workers transferring to a new employer

The ASU will keep you informed of the progress of action through the Fair Work Commission and will continue to work to improve consultative provisions in Enterprise negotiations.

ASU members at Hobsons Bay Council need you to strengthen the union in your workplace

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Luke Cherry | 0417 472 497 |

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