Over the Christmas and New Year period ASU members at Hobsons Bay Council continue to implement work bans and stand up for their right to be treated with respect at work, despite having their income and capacity to work threatened.

We are the workers who provide essential services to the Hobsons Bay community while most Council managers and other community members are enjoying holidays with their friends and families. This time, it’s in spite of our pay and conditions in those jobs being under siege.

These services which are enjoyed by the community are clearly not appreciated by the person who could end the standoff over pay and conditions, Council CEO Aaron Van Egmond.

Mr Van Egmond has instead chosen to try and exploit the community to shame his workforce out of taking protected industrial action. ASU members know there is only one person who should be ashamed of their actions!

The latest example of this is an email from the acting CEO on behalf of Mr Van Egmond, neither of whom actually attend bargaining meetings, who has put relationships forged over many years with his workforce on the line to spruik the CEOs misguided message and threaten his staff with pay cuts.

Hobsons Bay ASU members have the moral high ground around EBA negotiations, despite it being the CEO who put out numerous bulletins full of lies to misrepresent the ASU, despite Council officers making a mockery of bargaining meetings, despite his Director causing long delays so he could spend thousands on unnecessary legal advice.

The ASU calls on Mr Manivasagasivam, and other senior managers at Hobsons Bay Council, to refuse to tow this damaging line in future.

If the community saw the way these workers are being treated we know which side they would come down on, and while any industrial action which affects the community is regrettable we cannot allow staff wages and conditions to be held to ransom by a highly paid CEO.

Mr Van Egmond claims he will not allow the public’s safety and wellbeing to be put at risk but clearly doesn’t share the same concern for the safety and wellbeing of his own staff. He claims Council services must be ensured through “all and any action necessary” yet he takes no action to address a workplace culture so toxic that he can’t guarantee low morale and high turnover isn’t hurting those services.

We applaud our members who are standing up for their rights at work over the new year period while Council Officers enjoy their holidays, and know that the community will not stand for this continued mismanagement of their Council in 2020.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Luke Cherry | 0417 472 497 | lcherry@asuvictas.com.au

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