ASU with our lawyers Maurice Blackburn is running a dispute about whether a very small number employees whose jobs were outsourced should get redundancy pay.

These workers are Home Carers. They provided dedication and skilled care to the most vulnerable in the community. Appallingly Hobson’s Bay management outsourced this service. HBCC after abandoning the workers and their clients is now trying to block them getting a redundancy.

You would think this was not possible. Our lawyers are taking this all the way to the Federal Court. Yes we have to sue HBCC to make them at least show some respect and pay the Home Carers their money who are outsourced and out of a job.

We are waiting for a court date. The case will be lengthy because not only do our lawyers have to interpret the actual clause in the 2016 to 2019 EBA (not the one currently subject to the vote) but now HBCC want to re-write the clause to suit their case.

We estimate the Hobsons Bay’s management costs to prosecute their claim far exceed the amount of money the band 2/3 workers are seeking to be paid.

Are you appalled? We are. Here is just another reason on top of many you need to be in the ASU at HBCC.

If you want see the court documents just ask HR Terri Rowe for a copy as they have been directed to make then available to you.

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