The ASU bargaining team met and here is our view.

Bargaining has been challenging. This unfairly lengthy process included Fair Work conferences, votes on previous offers and unprecedented industrial action. Previous gains were only protected because of strength in member numbers and leadership by the ASU delegate team.

Some of the main items we achieved are:

  1. no forced leave taking for an annual shutdown
  2. retention of end of band 3 days leave
  3. recrediting of RDOS when sick or on public holidays
  4. increased allowances
  5. inserting new band Ds in 2 and 6
  6. union representatives at consultative meetings
  7. actually getting salary pay raises every year!

This has been a long battle worth having to improve our conditions.

Our claim for pay was reasonable and more ambitious than this offer. We are now in a Covid reality. The offer of 1.5% July 1 each year (2021-2024) is worth considering. Plus we value the back pay of 1.5%* 2019 and 1.2%* 2020. Unfortunately, Management is not committed to leading the industry with our salaries. We did however achieve cumulative salary rises every year.

We advise you to review our original log of claims and read the draft EA. Reach out to ASU representatives BEFORE the vote if you have any questions.

We maintain our commitment to ensuring all ASU members :

  • get the best value from the Agreement
  • strong support if disputes cannot be resolved at the workplace.

After much discussion, we recommend taking this offer seriously as an acceptable way forward.

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