Yesterday saw the third negotiation meeting with Hobart City Council in relation to your new Enterprise Agreement.

It was an extremely short meeting as Hobart City Council had not finished their costings of the presented logs of claims and therefore did not address any items.

The ASU did however present 2 additional claims at the meeting. These were:

  • the provision to be able to work from home under the Individual Flexibility Arrangements; and
  • amending the notice period an employee needs to provide Council on resignation. Currently, after 5 years or more of service, an employee must provide 4 weeks notice; the claim is to amend this requirement to 2 weeks notice.

The Employee Representatives also presented additional information relating to each of their Log of Claims.

The next negotiation meeting is scheduled for next Wednesday 19 June.

Following next week’s meeting, the ASU will hold member meetings across Council, to endorse the Log of Claims and provide feedback from that meeting. Please watch out for details of these paid time member meetings.

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact either ASU Organiser Karen Tantari or one of your ASU Delegates if you have any questions or concerns.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Karen Tantari | 0472 512 484 |

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