Victoria’s Chief Health Officer has directed that from 15 October 2021, in order to work onsite at work premises, Authorised Workers must be able to provide evidence to your employer that you have:

  • received at least your first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, or
  • have a booking to receive your first dose by 22 October 2021, or
  • have a medical exemption evidenced by an authorised medical practitioner

Most Victorians are fully vaccinated, but some members of our union who are authorised workers may not be fully vaccinated.

If you are not yet vaccinated but want to book a vaccination, you can make a booking for a vaccination appointment here.


We’re Here to help

The ASU is here to support all members. This including members who are not vaccinated and affected by the requirement for authorised workers to be vaccinated.

Just like in any workplace situation where ASU members need assistance, our experienced staff will provide the best advice and support they can.

Our union’s focus is on assisting each member the best way we can – we aren’t into grandstanding


How the union can help

The details of each ASU member’s situation make a difference in how we can help.

Someone’s individual circumstances, workplace laws, as well as decisions courts and the Fair Work Commission have made in previous cases, affect the advice we will give and the actions our union may take to assist members.

We don’t just make big statements – that doesn’t help anyone.


Information that will help us to help you

If your employer is requiring you to be vaccinated and you think this isn’t required by the Chief Health Officer’s direction, your first steps before contacting us should be to ask:

  • Does my employer require evidence that I am vaccinated because they think the Covid-19 Mandatory Vaccination (Workers) Directions applies to me? If so, find out from your employer which category of worker under the Directions that they think you are in.
  • If your employer does not think you are in a category covered by the Directions, on what basis do they consider it lawful and reasonable to direct you to provide evidence of vaccination? When getting this information from your employer, ask them to include information to you about any risk assessments they have conducted in respect to your work, as well as what consultation they have engaged with in making those assessments.

Our union is here for you. So if you need assistance with your employer’s response to the Chief Health Officer’s directive, or in asking your employer these questions get in touch with our team that is focusing on these issues at

You should also get in touch if you believe you have a valid reason for not being vaccinated that isn’t being respected.



Chief Health Officer’s Directions
Frequently Asked Questions


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