The ASU is ramping up our fight against the Victorian Government’s rate capping policy. It’s a policy that is failing local government workers and failing communities across the state.

Fighting against the failed rate capping policy is part of our commitment to protecting and improving the working conditions and entitlements of members.

Rate capping is making it more difficult for ASU members to get fair pay rises, leaving many workers with wages that barely keep up with the cost of living.

Local communities are also seeing the negative effects of rate capping with cuts to important services and delays to renewing vital infrastructure.

You can make a difference

You can tell us how rate capping has affected you at work

Or you can get directly involved in the campaign to lobby MP’s and fight for a fair go for council workers across Victoria.

Building our campaign against the failed rate capping policy will depend on members getting involved.

And you can make a real difference by taking part and signing up to the campaign.

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