Your union colleagues in NSW have fire in their bellies for getting staff at TSF better pay and conditions through starting an Enterprise Agreement bargaining process. ASU organisers from the National office and each state will be convening soon to determine member strength and support to support bargaining.

As a reminder, if your employer refuses to bargain we may need to demonstrate to the Fair Work Commission that a majority of staff want an Enterprise Agreement.

So what does this mean for you? As an ASU member, this is a great time to step up your conversations with colleagues about joining the ASU and/or what you all stand to gain from beginning EA bargaining.

We need everyone to get on board and send a clear message about what you want from a united group to commence this process from a position of strength.

Some staff at TSF are covered by an Enterprise Agreement and some are not, this creates uncertainty for everyone. If you aren’t covered by the EA, this is an opportunity to show solidarity with your colleagues. A strong Enterprise Agreement should have positive effects on all staff whether directly or indirectly.

We are living in chaotic times. TSF is going through a lot of changes. Bargaining for a new Enterprise Agreement is the best way to safeguard your current conditions, with the goal to lift pay and conditions for everyone.

Want a stronger union and a better workplace? Talk to a colleague about joining the ASU today via

For more information please contact
ASU Organiser Corina Parkwell |

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