Health & Safety Reps make a real difference to safer workplaces. They are elected by their workmates and represent them on health and safety issues.

Simon Hume is a Library Officer in the Geelong Library & Heritage Centre. He has been a Health and Safety Representative for one and a half years.

He has always liaised with employer and Designated Work Group on everything to do with health and safety in his workplace.

As a Health and Safety Representative, his focus is on supporting individual workers, consulting with management, and the WHS Committee.

With worker safety in mind, Simon has a goal of improving the working relationships between Health and Safety Reps and management.

The current Covid-19 pandemic has been a real challenge for Simon, as it has for many other Health and Safety Representatives, particularly around consultation.

Being a Health and Safety Representative is a voluntary role. And it does not usually involve much extra work.

Health and Safety Representatives also get paid leave to attend training and conferences.

ASU members who take on this critical role have the support of the union to help them in they need resources or expert advice.

If you are interested in becoming a Health and Safety Representative at your workplace, contact our ASU organiser or the ASU Member contact Centre on 1300 855 570.

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